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Our skill:

Deep drawing.

Precision deep-drawn metal parts every second.

As a supplier to the automotive, construction and electrical industries, we process around 5,000 tonnes of steel into 50 million deep-drawn parts of the highest precision every year. We meet our customers' special requirements for quality and efficiency with a high-performance machine park. We have multi-stage presses up to 3,000 kN and up to 20 stages. We are especially effective when things get particularly difficult. We manufacture even the most complicated parts with intricate geometries in consistently top quality. For this purpose, we use an innovative process developed in-house that combines the advantages of classic deep drawing with the possibilities of hydroforming.

Geometry diversity in deep drawing.

Together with our customers, we bring metal into shape. Presses with transfer technology are used for this. Even complex shapes such as undercuts, which cannot be produced with classic forming tools, can be realised at UFT by using hydroforming technology.

Manufacturing capabilities in numbers.

Material strength

0.3 – 2.5 mm

Max. product length

90 mm


15 – 140 mm

Automatic step forming machines Pressing force / steps

630 kN 12
1.000 kN 10
1.200 kN 14
1.250 kN 12
3.000 kN 15
3.000 kN 12

Prototype machines Pressing force / steps

1.000 kN 1
1.000 kN 1

Drawn parts on multi-stage presses.

State-of-the-art multi-stage presses with a pressing force of up to 300 tonnes and up to 19 forming stages ensure economical and process-reliable series production at UFT Umformtechnik, where the most complicated components are produced reproducibly and with a very high level of quality.


Your ready-to-install product – ready for use.

Our aim is to offer our clients an individually tailored complete service at the highest level and at market-driven conditions. We manufacture individual assemblies especially according to customer specifications. In the process, we also take on assembly work, surface treatments and heat treatments and can supply ready-to-install parts and assemblies from a single source just in time. In order to complete your assemblies, we use fully automatic part-specific assembly systems and combine different materials into a finished assembly.


Manufacture assemblies.

In order to complete cost-attractive assemblies for you, we use fully automatic part-specific assembly systems for your project.

Plastic over-moulding.

When it comes to injection moulding and hybrid parts, we draw on the expertise of our Thuringian sister company TKW Molding, thus supplementing our portfolio with sophisticated precision parts made of plastic.

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